Chris Wunder
Brevard, NC
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Profitable, High-Volume Photography for Newbies

Chris Wunder
Course Number: 36
Level: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced

Learn how to supplement your current Studio business with highly-profitable high-volume promotions. Take advantage of lucrative opportunities to photograph Schools, Contract Seniors, Childcare Centers and Preschools, Church Directories, Dance Schools, Martial Arts and even Virtual Sports programs in your local area.

There’s much less competition for this type of business than traditional Wedding and Portrait work, and the financial and lifestyle rewards are many.

Learn specialized methods to market the business, make winning proposals and presentations (even against larger National and Regional competitors), price and package the portraits and the specialized techniques to conduct a picture perfect photo day using the latest automated capture software and workflows.

*This class will demonstrate why high-volume photography programs continue to grow even as traditional Wedding and portrait studios are seeing many challenges.

*This class will show you how to diversify your business in new ways providing good cash-flow year-round.

*This class will show you how to use process automation when possible to reduce your post-production time and give you your life back!

You’ll learn the secrets to perfect green-screen photos as well as the newest alternatives for background replacement. We’ll cover different programs each day, and we’ll practice using high-speed posing and lighting techniques and cover program logistics so you’ll feel confident landing that first BIG account.

We’ll even cover strategies for you to re-brand with a unique co-brand to differentiate your volume business from your high-end business. Many big-name photographers get a substantial part of their income from high-volume promotions. Why not you? This program can help you make much more money in far less time. What’s not to like?

Speaker Bio:

Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP has been in professional photography for over 35 years. His expertise ranges from ownership of one of the largest Portrait and Wedding Studio businesses in the Midwest with multiple locations in 3 states, to Corporate Management with some of the largest mass-market portrait companies in the U.S. He’s presented over 100 programs Internationally on sales and marketing of photography to virtually every Industry trade group including PPA, WPPI, PMA, PSPA, SPAC, SPI, ProPhoto Expoand many more as well as being an author, educator and consultant.

He’s currently CEOof PortraitEFX Franchising Corporation, based in Dallas, TX. with 55 locations in the U.S.and now expanding to Canada.