Craig Stidham
Amarillo, Texas

Craig Stidham is a professional fashion and portrait photographer based in Texas. Craig was photographically born into the fashion world in October 1994 after receiving a formal education in photography. He has been published in several fashion and photography magazines, as well as billboards across the country.

Craig has published two books: “Fashion Seniors” and “Dynamic Posing Guide”

Why You Should Take This Class:

• Creative Thinking, Start to finish getting a modern senior look.
• Lighting both indoors and on location
• Posing the human body from an anatomy point of view.

Modern Seniors

Craig Stidham
Course Number: 31
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Modern Seniors will show you how I converged many years of working in the fashion industry, with models and art directors to shooting seniors to theses high standards. I will show you my workflow and how I connect with normal seniors and turn out very fashionable images.

We will cover Lighting in a huge way both indoor and outdoor lighting along with many different lighting setups. I will cover how I prep a shoot from wardrobe to “model 101”. Working with a makeup artist is key, we will talk about what works and why. In short we will work, shoot, retouch everything there is to photography. Most important my goal is to get you thinking outside the lines.