Gary & Kathryn Meek
Hot Springs, Arkansas
[email protected]

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Take a deep study into the topics covered on the CPP Test Specifications
  • Prepare to take the test on Friday afternoon at Texas School
  • Take advantage of after hours group study

Don’t Gamble with Your Certification
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Gary & Kathryn Meek
Course Number: 25
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Professional credentials are not just handed out. They are EARNED. And the recipients can attest to that general fact. Photography credentials are no different, and any Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) can tell you that… There’s a lot of effort that goes into preparing for the CPP exam alone (let alone the image submission review), and that’s why the Certification Preparation Class is so important.

“Everyone has their own weaknesses,” says Gary Meek, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, EA-ASP, Hon.EA-ASP, one of the instructors of the upcoming Certification Preparation Class, along with his wife, Kathy, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API. “That’s the beauty of this class. We can find out what the participants’ weaknesses are and concentrate on strengthening their knowledge on those points.”

The Meeks are able to do that because every person who signs up for their class is sent about a hundred pages of handouts and study guides…prior to the class. You’ll get sample tests, Gary’s own white papers, a handout on histograms and even a page of photographic formulas.

Math, formulas and color theory are often some of the harder things for some to grasp. There’s actually a lot of physics and math in photography, but coming from Arkansas, they will explain it in a way anyone can understand. However, the Meeks’ ability to explain these technical concepts also comes from their extensive experience. They’ve taught preparation classes like this (for the CPP exam) since about 1991. They know their stuff. Sure, Gary would be the first to tell you when he doesn’t know something…but he’ll follow that statement up with, “But we’ll find out.” And you will.

So are you ready to “eat, sleep and breathe photography for six days”? Certification is a big step…why gamble on the exam when you can prepare via an in-depth class with one-on-one attention?