Mastering Image Tuning

Janice Wendt

Course Number: 34

Level: Intermediate

This energetic hands-on class concentrates on image enhancement to create iconic imagery. Learn how to “Listen” to your images while developing techniques to sculpt and focus your final emotional vision into your own unique art.

Create vision pathways to direct viewers through your artistic capture of nature, portraiture, wildlife, architecture or any photographic subject using a multitude of techniques.

Course Highlights
•Steps to understanding your vision
•Using High Frequency skin retouching for natural skin tones
•Sculpting images using Photoshop created light
•Enhancing nature images
•Elevating image details
•Learn how to use a Wacom tablet
•Creating amazing Black and White images
•Using Plug-ins to speed your workflow
•How to enhance nature “naturally”
•How to integrate Lightroom into your Photoshop workflow
•Creating time saving actions

Bonus Video pre-class learning.
To allow for a greater focus on learning retouching techniques, a series of free videos will be provided one month before class to bring students up to date on how to use many of the tools that will be covered in the class. The class will be using a selection of Photoshop and Lightroom Plug-ins including Perfectly Clear, Nik Software, Alien Skin, Expose 3 HDR, and Topaz. There will also be a video on how to use and set up a Wacom Tablet.

Janice Wendt is one of the Photographic industry’s most respected retouch and image enhancement artist. Well known as the Trainer to the Trainers, she has more than 30 years in nature, commercial, wedding and portrait photography experience. Janice brings traditional techniques she learned through years of working with sensitized products into digital imaging, creating the ever elusive WOW image factor.

_IRW3823 IR valley


_JMW8522Silver Lake

Alamo Square Park

Cable car in the rain

Leaves after

New Bay Bridge