Neal Freed & Bryan Blanken

Bethesda, Maryland
[email protected]

Don’t Kick It Old School, Bring School Photography Into The New Millennium

Neal Freed and Bryan Blanken

Course Number: 17

Level: All Levels

Are your wedding and portrait sales declining? Are you looking to replace lost revenue and get your business growing again, while working less and having more fun? Neal & Bryan will show you how they successfully added a school component to their already successful studio. How they went from 1 school to 120 schools in 6 years by taking pictures that you want to take and parents want to buy.
The class will cover everything you’ll need to successfully photograph one or one hundred schools. Topics to be covered:

  • Why you should consider school photography, ow to make more money with less work
  • How To Get The School
  • How To Establish Packages and Pricing
  • How To Execute Photo Day For Success
  • School Photography Workflow
  • The Math of School Photography
  • Contracts
  • Commissions

The class will highlight:

  • *Why you should photograph schools
  • *How to book and photograph schools so they’ll call you, and you won’t have to pay commissions
  • *How to photograph schools so that you’ll never lose one and parents will start buying again