Randy Jay Braun & Stacy Garlington
Maui, Hawaii & Rockford, Il
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Aerial Drone Photography – Learn to Soar with Your Camera

Randy Jay Braun & Stacy Garlington
Course Number: 9
Level: Beginning

This introductory class will bring each student up to speed from ground-zero to creating compelling images from a bird’s eye view. By the time we are finished, you will understand the unique value of placing your camera in the sky for both recreation and business. We will guide you with information to help you pass the PPA Certified Drone Photographer exam, as well as the FAA Unmanned Aircraft pilot exam. If weather and location permits us, each student will experience hands-on flying time, achieving basic flying competency.

This class will cover:

● Introduction to drones, aerial camera systems, and hands-on flying skills

● How to incorporate drone imaging into your existing photography business – tips to create better aerials, how to charge, about the laws, PPA certification and safety.

● Aerial Image capture and post processing of aerial images with Adobe Lightroom.

Randy Braun & Stacy Garlington own the DJI Aerial Photo Academy. They are the most experienced drone photography “tag-team” instructors in the world today. As former still-photography specialists with drone manufacturer DJI, they presented classes at nearly all the world’s top photography conferences, and have taught thousands how to fly a drone. Randy comes from a thirty-three-year background in professional photography before the quickly adapting to the first modern quadcopter drone in 2013. He published the first-ever book on the topic, called “Aerial Drone Photography: Essential Methods with Your DJI Phantom”.

Stacy was the lead trade-show demo pilot and spokesperson for the DJI Phantom line, logging more than 1000 hours of flight time annually, with an impeccable safety record. Her gentle methods of teaching are guaranteed to get each student comfortably into the air within minutes. Stacy’s images have been published in Time and Fortune magazines. She is the most followed drone photographer on the social media site SkyPixel.

After this class, you will be easily convinced that a small camera-drone will be the next tool in your professional camera bag. Each student should bring a Laptop computer of tablet loaded with Adobe Lightroom and a micro-SD card (16-32Meg).