Steve Ellinger
Abilene, Texas

[email protected]

Steve Ellinger, CPP, is a successful and published agency fashion photographer, speaker and instructor who has worked with professional models and agencies from across the United States to develop looks and styles that the agencies need in order to book and promote their signed models. Steve is also a practicing architect who successfully parallels fashion and architecture and brings elements of architectural design to his fashion work. His work has been instrumental in getting models signed to agencies around the world. A frequent lecturer and instructor in fashion photography, Steve brings his creative expertise to Texas School in this very specialized and unique realm of photography.

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Learn how to PROPERLY photograph professional fashion agency models in the studio and on-location
  • Learn how to PROPERLY prepare images in post-production to be usable by the agencies
  • Learn how to PROPERLY work with professional models on-set and conduct a professional shoot

The Fashionable Side of Photography

Steve Ellinger
Course Number: 16
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Certified Professional Photographer Steve Ellinger offers a weeklong intense program on shooting agency type portfolio images and agency testing using professional agency fashion, print, and runway models. This course will teach you what you need to know to break into doing agency work and what is required to properly shoot what agencies want to see. From model selection to how to work with the best and most well-known agencies in the world, as well as what makes up proper portfolios. Then, learning by shooting with professional models using simple lighting techniques, both in studio settings and on location to get the “look” that agencies want to see.

Students will also learn post production techniques to prepare the images to get that “agency look” that is not only fashionable, but creative and cutting edge as well. We will be breaking all the typical photography rules, but also learning a new look that you see in the major fashion publications. In addition, guest speakers will discuss the styling of the shoot and how to properly prepare the model. Reviews and critiques by industry professionals of images created during the class will be an integral part of the week’s activities.

This intermediate to advanced level course will require students to already have a solid working knowledge of their cameras and personal equipment.