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Bozeman, MT
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Light It Up!
Building on portrait and business basics

Steve & Sophie Winslow

Course Number: 36

Level: Beginner

So you jumped in and are calling yourself a professional photographer. Are you realizing there’s more to it than you thought? Don’t stress! Part one of this class will briefly cover the basics of camera function and technique. Then every afternoon we will dive deep with hands on lighting and posing both in studio and on location. Anyone can shoot at sunset, but you will learn to conquer bad light at the wrong time of day and turn it into a gorgeous portrait. In studio you will leave the “stuffy studio portrait” in the dust and create a studio stunner!

In part two of this class you will learn also how to market yourself. You will gain proven ideas to attract the right clientele, deal with the business side of photography, and turn your portraits into incredible wall displays, albums, and gifts.

There will be at least one wow-factor shoot that will turn heads and make your friends at Texas School jealous they didn’t take this class. There could be paint, water, sugar, costumes, and/or a monkey involved. You won’t know unless you show up! This class will bend your brains and fill your hearts.

This course will cover the following:

* Basic camera function (briefly)
* Natural light portraits
* Outdoor on and off camera flash
* Creative studio portraiture
* Marketing your style to the right client
* Keeping track of your clientele
* Producing printed heirlooms (and dealing with digital files)
* A wow-factor surprise shoot
* Outdoor on and off camera flash
* Creative studio portraiture
8 Marketing your style to the right client

Steve Winslow M. Photog. Cr, F-MPPA and his wife, Sophie Lane work together to create beautiful portraits in their small town of Bozeman, Montana. Steve has owned the Winslow Studio in Bozeman for 23 years. Steve earned his Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America in 2000. His casual and contemporary approach to Senior, Family and Wedding portraiture keeps his clients returning again and again.

After falling in love with portraiture in 2001, Sophie pursued her degree from Brooks Institute and graduated with special honors. She enjoys marketing and sales as much as photographing. Steve and Sophie both enjoy speaking and teaching other photographers, but more importantly, their life and love is the success of their business.

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