The Texas School of Professional Photography is committed to putting on a Fun, Educational and Safe event in 2021.  Here is Texas School Director, Don Dickson, to explain how we are going to accomplish this.

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COVID-19 requirements Texas School April 25-30, 2021

BREAKING NEWS:  We have been advised that having only 1 of your 2 shots will qualify for the requirement, or a negative test which is FREE. We are looking forward to wonderful event, come join us.

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All attendees, instructors, volunteers, event staff, models, vendors, and guests will be required to provide one of the following to attend:

__ Printed or digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days before travel

__ Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test no earlier than 72 hours before travel

__ Proof of recovery from a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis within two months of travel

We cannot wait to s­­­ee you in Addison for another GREAT year of Texas School!! We want to give you a head’s up concerning our COVID-19 precautions. We want everyone to be safe at our event and remain healthy in our Texas School Family.

This list is provisional and may be revised as circumstances change in relation to COVID-19. We will watch and follow all local and state guidelines. These guidelines apply to attendees, instructors, volunteers, event staff, models, vendors, and guests.

COVID-19 Release and Waiver. You need to get your COVID-19 Clearance Wristband before going through the registration or joining any part of our event. Fill out the online form before 4-24-21 to expedite this process if possible. If you are unable to do this online, bring a printed copy of your proof to COVID-19 Release and Waiver Table to check in when you arrive. This is required for all attendees, instructors, volunteers, event staff, models, vendors, and guests even if they have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Registration will stay open late for those arriving late.  IF you are not feeling well, stay at home or in your room and text the Texas School Hotline: 806-217-8333 and your wrangler.

Release and Waiver Wristbands. We will provide identifying wristbands to those who have signed the Release and Waiver. Your first stop when entering the hotel should be the Texas School Wristband Table to check in and get your wristband. More information will be released closer to the event with where to find this table. Those not wearing a wristband will not be able to enter event areas.  If you lose your bracelet, please go to the Texas School Office to get a new one.

Temp checks. We are NOT checking temperatures. It’s been determined by health officials that temperature does not establish the presence of COVID-19. Most people who do contract the virus do not show elevated temperatures. It is only when the virus is in advanced stages that temperatures will spike and by that time, a person’s illness is obvious to everyone.

Masks. Due to hotel regulations, a mask must be worn in all public areas.  A mask must cover the mouth and the nose. Face shields are no substitute for masks. We ask that you wear masks at all times EXCEPT when stationary and maintaining social distance(3ft). For instance, sitting in class, 3 feet from classmates, you may take off your mask.  When you stand up to move around or use the class studio to photograph, you should be wearing your mask.  This is not about restricting your freedom; it’s about protecting others. Please wear masks in the hotel, to your class, while photographing the models, and at the registration desk. Masks must also be worn throughout the hotel and in the elevators in accordance with hotel rules and state mandate. In the bar and dinner, please social distance and wear your mask when you are not stationary.

Instructor/Wrangler Masks. While Instructors and Wranglers are encouraged to wear masks at all times, it may prove too difficult while teaching or speaking to the class. Instructors and Wranglers are to use their own good judgment in this regard. Instructors and Wranglers must adhere to mask guidelines when outside the classroom.

Social distancing. We ask that everyone do their best to stay at least 3 feet apart from other individuals.

Classrooms. In the classrooms, we plan to arrange chairs with 3 feet distance between.  At evening events, you may add or subtract chairs from your group but there can be no more than ten chairs in a group. A group is defined by the Texas Department of State Health Services as members of the same household OR people who are attending an event together and agree to sit together. This seating arrangement applies to the bar, meal times, and casual seating in the Lobby area.

Vendors. We ask that vendors wear masks at all times when doing business with customers. Vendor tables/stands will be placed at least 3 feet apart. While shopping at vendor booths, please maintain the 3 foot rule. We encourage the use of credit cards rather than cash as money is extremely unsanitary. However, it is entirely up to individual vendors as to the form of payment they will accept.

Models. Models should wear their mask until it is time to be photographed.  Models, chaperones or anyone with a model will need to abide by the Covid-19 Requirements as well get a Covid-19 Clearance Wristband for our event.

Water stations. Unfortunately, the hotel cannot provide water stations this year. Using communal water pitchers and glasses increases the risk of spreading disease. You will need to buy or bring your own water. You can also refill bottles with water from your room. Sunday night is often the “Walmart Run”, if you do not have a car, it may be possible to catch a ride to Walmart which is across the street. (Don’t forget the coffee!!) Please wear your masks. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Classroom. While wearing masks is the best precaution to prevent spreading the virus, we realize that some people may choose to wear their mask all day, others may want to take them off during class for short breaks.

Evening Events. Masks are required while standing in line and getting your plate at meals.  While eating, stationary, and maintaining 3 ft, you may take your mask off.

Be sure to wear your mask and sanitize your hands often.  We are so happy to see our Texas School Family, but we want to keep you all safe.  Maybe knock elbows or make heel kicks the new bear hug?

We believe this summarizes the COVID-19 requirements as set out by the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Hotel Chains as it pertains to our event. You can check out the entire list of protocols at Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas – All Employers and Event Organizers Minimum Standard Health Protocols.

We are excited to be able to have Texas School even with these few hurtles.  We thought COVID-19 would be long gone by our 2021 event, heck, by our August 2020 event!  Nonetheless, we’re actually going to be able to put on the event and hope you are excited too! Please join with us “to make the best of it” while keeping everyone as safe as possible. THANK YOU for your cooperation.

Click here to complete your  COVID-19 Release and Waiver Form.