Tom Muñoz
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Tom Muñoz is known as a master in camera artistry. His love for the camera, natural ability, and keen eye for detail are literally in his blood. The 4th generation award-winning wedding photographer spent his childhood watching his father capture life’s special moments.

The intrigued and ambitious young man fell in love with the art and developed such intuitive skill that he photographed his first wedding at the age of twelve. Fast forward over two decades later, and he has become one of South Florida’s renowned and well-respected photographers.

The certified professional photographer carries a master’s degree in Photography and has attained multiple awards and many prestigious accolades thus far during his career. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) selected Tom to represent the U.S. in the first Photographic World Cup where he won a bronze medal. He has also earned the Master Photographers Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) Image Excellence Award (three times), and the Diamond Photographer of the Year (multiple times). Additionally, he was the youngest member inducted into the Camera Craftsman of America. When he’s not behind the lens, he is a regularly sponsored speaker for Kodak, Canon, and the Mac Group.

In a time with so much technology many new photographers rely on graphic design software such as Photoshop ® to make their images look just right, but not Tom. His signature technique makes images look exceptional the moment he captures them. This craftsmanship is what sets Muñoz Photography apart from the rest.

Muñoz Photography, which began in 1909, is one of the oldest and largest family-owned and operated portrait wedding studios in the United States. Tom and his talented family and partners shoot over 300 events a year. Regardless if the team travels around the corner, around the country, or around the globe, their approach is timeless.

Fully Exposed

Tom Muñoz
Course Number: 24
Level: All Levels

During this class, Tom uses his refreshing candor and wit to teach his students all aspects of a wedding from beginning to end. He will discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, and of course how to handle it all while building a multi-million-dollar business and superb reputation.

Lighting is a key element for an optimal result. Learn to light in any condition, learn to use shadows and reflections to create drama, and learn how to maximize the use of artificial and available light. Understanding the proper use of flash will be demonstrated as well.

Check out this video for Tom’s Texas School Class.

One of Tom’s trademark touches are to make each shoot look glamorous in any setting. Those who complete his class will learn how to position subjects in all scenes by using pre-visualization techniques. Additionally, how to approach challenging situations such as different height couples, different body types, large families, etc. will be discussed. As everyone knows, pictures do say a thousand words and Tom will explain how to evoke the desired expression which says so much.

Finally, the class will conclude with the business aspect and what tools he personally uses to continually grow his premier studio. He will talk about time management, administrative day-to-day tasks, and how to plan a day for success. However, a large focal point will be about strategic packaging for selling your products (albums, prints, wall canvases, etc.).

From learning to capture the best shots with the best lighting to marketing and branding your business on multiple social media platforms and creating marketing relationships with vendors and clients to generate more business, Tom touches upon every area leaving every topic fully exposed.

Check out this video for Tom’s Texas School Class.