Digital Marketing for Photographers

Ashley Siegert
Course Number: 25
Level: Intermediate

Hold on to your marketing hat!! In this jam-packed program, you will learn how to set up a streamlined marketing funnel approach to running your business for PROFIT.

Students will receive a new approach to running a profitable business that trades on creative work. We are not just photographers, we are business owners, and as such we have to focus on driving traffic. Without clients, we are OUT OF BUSINESS. However, it has never been easier to get yourself in front of the perfect client and drive a sale if you know what tools to use, and how to implement them.

Students will walk away from this class with a business plan, systems to automate administrative tasks, a planned-out marketing calendar, and a client management system ready to drive profits!

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Sales funnel approach to marketing and sales: How to get eyeballs from the internet, through your doors and turn them into dollars.
  • Creating a strong name and brand in your market as THE photography business to use for a quality and memorable experience.
  • Automation systems to take emails, social media, and client management OFF your plate so that you can focus on growth and client experience!

Meet the Instructor:

Ashley Siegert
College Station, TX

Ashley Diamond Siegert, CPP, Cr.Photog, is an entrepreneur, marketing geek and photographic artist in College Station, TX. In 2011 she picked up a camera and in 2015 after the birth of her son, vowed to quickly build a business strong enough to retire her husband, Dan, to be a stay-at-home Dad. The next year, their dream was realized, and traffic and profits have grown quickly ever since. Ashley is honored to join the Texas School instructor lineup and can’t wait to share the secrets of her success!