When you register for Texas School, your tuition includes so much more than class time.  Thanks to our vendors, attendees enjoy free evening meals, evening entertainment, free beer and wine at most evening events, door prizes and so much more.

Sunday, April 28

Free Vendor Programs
Free Dinner Sponsored by Millers
Free Door Prizes at Orientation
Inspirational Program for All Attendees

Monday, April 29

Free BBQ Meal Sponsored by White House Custom Colour
Free Beer at Cowboy’s Red River Dance Hall
Free Concert from Emerald City Band
Free Round Trip Bus service from Renaissance Hotel

Tuesday, April 30

Free Dinner Sponsored by ACI and Background Town
Parade to Costume Party through Renaissance Lobby
Free Costume Party
Free Beer & Wine

Wednesday, May 1

Free Expanded Trade Show Extravaganza
Free Dinner Sponsored by Arlington Camera and Vendors
Free Door Prizes at 9:32pm
Free Beer & Wine

Thursday, May 2

Spend the Evening with Your Class
Relax and Unwind in Lobby Bar
Free Beer & Wine Provided by Arlington Camera

Friday, May 3

Closing Ceremonies
Free Door Prizes
The Premier of the Texas School Video
Inspirational Program for All Attendees