Pre-con Class:  Saturday, April 27

Back to Basics:  Cameras, Meters & Flash
Hosted by Steve Kozak

Saturday, April 27, 2024
10:00AM -5:00PM

Are you a “self-taught” photographer?  Most of us are, and the fact is, we likely missed a few things along the way. If you want to go back and learn more about your camera, how to use the in-camera or a hand-held light meter, or if you want to finally learn how to use your flash, then this is the class for you!

Join Steve Kozak as he takes you through the fundamentals of photography and helps you apply the information to  your camera, lenses, meters and flash.  This class is completely non-judgmental and provides a safe space for you to ask questions about anything and everything having to do with lighting, exposure and your personal gear.

Steve is not only a “PPA Approved CPP Instructor”, he is also the author of the “Preparing for PPA Certification” study guide.  While this is not a CPP class, the information that will be covered is certainly part of the CPP curriculum.  You will not only be gaining a tremendous insight into the craft of photography and the equipment used, you will also be learning important concepts you will need when you do decide to go after your CPP.

Steve’s relaxed teaching style helps you absorb the material without making you feel overwhelmed. His conversational approach to teaching the concepts have made him a popular instructor and speaker.  There is no shame in getting back to the basics!  This class will be fun and you will learn a ton!  You will leave feeling much more confident and certainly more competent.

Steve will cover:

  • Basic Camera Controls such as white balance, ISO, focus selection and much more
  • The case for manual exposure
  • Why a hand-held meter is superior to the in-camera meter
  • How to use a hand-held meter
  • The important role lens selection plays in fulfilling your creative vision
  • How to get perfect flash exposures every time
  • The huge benefits to off-camera flash
  • Anything else you want to talk about