This nature and landscape photography class includes Macro, Floral, Animal, Street and Travel portraits. Learn solid camera strategies you can apply to all areas of your photographic interests.

Nature, Macro, Floral, Animal, Landscape and Travel Photography


Bob Coates
Course Number:  8
Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Through discussion and hands on learning, this week promises you a whirlwind of imagery and education from around the world. With Nature being the wide scope of study, we will include Macro, Floral, Animal, Landscape, Street and on location travel portraits. Content from these programs will assure to cover camera strategies that you can apply regardless where your photographic interests may take you.

This week is packed with photographic explorations. Places of interest will be the Dallas Arboretum, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Japanese Gardens, the Fort Worth Zoo and others. We will visit Dallas Trinity Trails to do a Dallas night skyline photo. All places and travels are subject to change due to weather or better opportunities.

We will work on composition, how to use exposure to tell your story, picking the best f-stop, shutter speed and ISO to get the best image in the camera, selecting the best lens for each situation, panorama capture and how to plan your shoot for the right light. You will learn to improve your photography with hands on lessons and personal critiques. In addition, we will spend some time looking at post-processing to create a more artistic look in your images. Be aware that entry fees to paid locations will be in addition to your Texas School tuition.

This will be a very popular class, so register early. We promise this will be an amazing class with lots of shooting time, getting up early, and having tons of fun.

Why You Should Take This Nature and Landscape Photography Class:

  • Better understanding of camera, lenses and metering and post-production to produce the images you will love
  • A fun and relaxing time with fellow photographers, doing what you love, in a creative and learning environment
  • An opportunity to create some exciting and beautiful images.

Nature and landscape photography class instructor, Bob Coates.
Bob Coates
Sedona, AZ
[email protected]

Bob has been a successful photographer for well over 25 years working on various genres including weddings and portraiture. Concentrating fully now on Commercial and Fine Art photography, he has shared his educational programs with associations from Hawaii to the Caribbean with great reviews. From a most recent program…

“Bob, I had a great time at the class today. Thank you so much for coming and giving so much to all of us. So much information… so applicable to my photo business. Absolutely loved it all. The way you teach is very special. You have an excellent mix of talking about the info, then, before you overwhelmed us all, you stopped, opened Photoshop and explained it again while you actually did it on the computer. That and mixing in the beautifully timed humor just made the day fantastic. Thank you again!” – Stuart Hasson, CPP