Lighting for Sales

Cris & Deana Duncan
Course Number: 14
Level: Intermediate

Photography is a beautiful blend of art and science.  It is taking a vision in your head and then knowing the recipe to create it in the camera.

Recipes all start with a knowledge of ingredients and how to combine them in new and unique ways—ways that define your personal style.

Join Cris and Deanna Duncan for a life changing week of defining or refining your photographic “recipes.”  With a special way of simplifying the complex, the Duncans walk you through high level lighting principles and help you adapt them to your personal workflow.  Every day, you will be practicing the concepts with your own camera with the help of the Duncans and one of the best wrangler teams at Texas School.

This class is a TEAM.  Together everyone will move from point A to point B in their skill level.  If you have been photographing for 30 years or 3, this class will change the way you view sessions and empower you to create things you once only dreamed about.  High key with one light?  Yes.  Fashion inspired hard lighting?  Yes.  Romantic soft lighting or balancing flash with ambient?  Yes.  Cris’ signature “wonky light”?  Absolutely.  It’s this and much, much more.  If you are natural light only or a pro with five strobes in studio, this class will help you connect with like-minded TEAM members and take your lighting and posing to a whole new level as you create lighting “recipes” that reflect your photographic vision.

It doesn’t stop there.  During optional lunch time “Master Classes” the Duncans focus on more specialized topics like “non-slimy sales” and commercial photography.  It’s a wild week of propelling your skill-set forward and transforming your business.  Don’t miss out!

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • LEARN LIGHTING–Lighting anywhere, in any situation with any light
  • APPLY LIGHTING PRINCIPLES–Why does it do that? How can it work for me?
  • SUCCEED:  Light, compose and design with the end in mind to ensure profitable sessions.  Everytime

Meet the Instructors:

Cris & Deanna Duncan
Lubbock, Texas
[email protected]

Cris and Deanna Duncan operate C j Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas. They have had the honor of photographing everything from weddings to families to corporate clients and even two Presidents. In over a dozen years, they have been published in numerous national magazines and acquired many industry accolades including GIA (Grand Imaging Award). However, what means the most is their daughter, family and the life they lead working together in the art form they love. Cris and Deanna are both contributors to PPA EDU. Cris is the founder of Find Your Focus Photographic Education.

Cris Duncan M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.,CPP
Deanna Duncan M.Photog.Cr.,CPP