Guy T Phillips
Highland Village, TX

Guy T has quickly gained a reputation for a great hands-on experience from his students, with rave reviews from his many TPPA and PPA events over the last several years. His ability to simplify technology helps make this class entertaining, fun, and very informative.   As a former corporate educator, he knows how to make the learning ‘stick’, with activities that will take your gained knowledge to new skills and abilities.   He’s a member of the DPPA, an Associate Fellow with the TPPA, a PPA Craftsman, a CPP and a CPP Liaison.  He also serves as a Councilor at Large on the TPPA Executive Council.

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom
  • Harness the amazing capabilities of Lightroom to organize, enhance and share your images
  • Make the most of your laptop, the web and mobile devices
  • Improve your day-to-day workflow to get your life back!


Unlock Lightroom (And Upgrade Your Life!)

Guy T Phillips
Course Number: 26
Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Guy T’s class will teach you how to get more done in less time as you learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to streamline your process and improve your efficiency!

Unlock Lightroom and cut your time on your computer dramatically!  You’ll learn ways to have more time to do what you love, and learn how to create a customized workflow that will work for you.

Even at the beginner to  intermediate level, you’ll enjoy a deep-dive into tips and tricks that will allow you to create simple ways to capture, organize, enhance and share your images.

No more endless hours hunched over your computer.  No more having to hunt down your images.

Guy T will show you how he’s gained a consistent corporate clientele with professional results and super-quick turnaround. And by week’s end you’ll be one click away from book and web designs, anywhere editing and a whole new way to enjoy your life!