Family Composites

Jason Ulsrud
Course Number: 29
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

How do you stand out from your competition and create portraits that are different? Jason Ulsrud, “The Photillustrator”, specializes in creating Uniquely Different Portraits for Uniquely Different People and has built his business around being Different.

In this course you will experience how to create a Composited Portrait from start to finish and discover how you can stand out from the crowd with your Uniquely Different Voice.

Explore the magical world of Composite Photography and learn, not only expert techniques you can start using now, but also how to develop a story, work with the characters, and most importantly, how to bring depth and dimension into your work.

In this program you will have full access to his magical box of tips and tricks for creating Awesome Pictures.

Why You Should Take This Class:

• Discover how to express your unique voice and vision.
• Experience a Uniquely Different Creative process.
• Learn how to build a Composited Portrait from start to finish.


Meet the Instructor:

Jason Ulsrud
Dallas, TX

Jason Ulsrud is from Dallas, Texas and is a portrait and advertising photographer who’s work captures the imagination through creative portraiture with a Norman Rockwell twist.

Jason Ulsrud, “The Photillustrator”, has worked with families from all over the country to bring their family’s stories to life in a uniquely different way.

He has been creating fun and unique portraits that truly capture individual personalities for over 20 years.