Learn how to create stunning portraits and how to grow your photography business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Excel with High School Seniors


Jenn Lewis
Course Number: 24
Level: Intermediate

Join Jenn to learn how she grew her business from her $55 shoot and burn model to her current sales average of over $5100 with high school senior clients. You’ll learn how and why she created the various aspects of her sales process, the psychology behind it, and the phrases to use that make it work.

She’ll cover everything seniors, from influencer teams done right, how to properly educate and prepare your clients to spend money, creating an incredible experience for your senior clients that will get them telling their friends how much fun they had, how to feed into your senior business, and how to increase your revenue to make a comfortable living with this job we love so much.

Bring your cameras and be ready to photograph models as Jenn demos her lighting and posing techniques that capture the attention of teens in her area. She uses off camera flash for nearly every image she creates, whether she is balancing it with the ambient light, making the flash nearly non-discernable, or creating intentionally moody and contrasty images.

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Lighting and posing for high school seniors
  • Influencer teams that clients will pay for
  • Increasing sales averages with Jenn’s unique and proven methods

Meet the Instructor:

Jenn is an award-winning portrait photographer based in Clemmons, North Carolina who concentrates on seniors and headshots. She began her photography business 16 years ago as a “mom with a camera”. With a determined work ethic and tenacious personality, she grew her part-time business from her living room to her full-time 1600 square foot studio while multiplying her sales average many times over. She is an army of one, but her ADHD helps her to multitask like a BOSS.

Jenn is easily recognized by her crazy curly hair, which has been rumored to give her superpowers in her sales room. She enjoys road trips, long walks on the beach, and pink Starbursts.