Joel Grimes
Phoenix, AZ

Over the past 26 years, Joel Grimes has worked for many of the top advertising agencies across the globe.  His assignments have taken him to every state in the US and over fifty countries.

Joel has worked to become an ambassador for the photographic process by teaching workshops and offering video tutorials.  He shares his process and passion as a Canon Explorer of Light.

Why You Should Take This Class:

Be an Artist
• Live your Dream
• Create an Income


Be an Artist, Live Your Dream, Create an Income

Joel Grimes
Course Number: 18
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Joel wants to shatter your perception on how the marketplace works and how you can not only survive in a competitive world, but kick some serious butt.  He starts out by looking at how to be a creative force and overcome your insecurities.

Joel then goes into a in-depth course on how to master the light.  Next Joel will cover all sorts of topics such as Strobing in HDR, High speed syncing, Shallow Depth of Field using ND filters,  etc…

And finally Joel will take you thorough his intensive course on the business side of things covering how to land your dream account, the bidding process, understanding usage rights, etc…  Joel will also have plenty of time to do some hands on shooting models practicing all the new techniques you will be learning.