Margaret Bryant
Carrollton, TX
[email protected]

Margaret Bryant is an award winning photographer who specializes in photographing dogs and their people. Her style is simple, original and authentic and often shows the humor and whimsy of dogs.

Starting her business in 1998, Margaret has specialized in dogs and their humans from the very start. Margaret has earned her Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees, and is also a Certified Professional Photographer. She is a nine time PPA Photographer of the Year medalist, a two time Grand Imaging Award finalist, and has several images in the PPA Loan and Showcase Collections.

Margaret gives back to animal community by raising cash for rescues groups and local spay neuter clinics with her Bow WOW Sessions.

Why you should take this class:

  • Dog body language and dog handling for easier photo sessions
  • Lighting (both studio and OCF) for dogs and other pets
  • Retouching for dogs

Dog and Pet Photography: Sit, Stay, Learn

Margaret Bryant
Course Number: 5
Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Pet photography has its own unique challenges that are different from photographing people.

This class will deal primarily with photographing dogs, but we will spend a little time on other animals too. Time will be spent talking about dog behavior and working with dogs, communicating with dogs, dealing with fearful animals, making a dog comfortable, and getting the best expressions.

We will go into detail about posing dogs alone, groups of dogs and with people. We will talk about lighting in the studio, and outside mixing ambient and flash. We will also talk about the unique challenges of lighting dogs. Then there is Photoshop and retouching that is specific to dogs.

Whether you just want to add pet portraits to your existing portrait line up, you want to photograph your own pets better, or you want to start your own pet photography business, this class has something for you!