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Cutting Edge Lighting Techniques

Wireless Speedlight & Strobe Methods

Mike & Suzy Fulton
Course Number: 18
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Including many aspects of humor and fun mixed in with education, TriCoast Photography truly believes in NO SECRETS, we are all here to learn and receive information which will help all of us be better photographers. Full of fun and molded to the questions and concerns of YOU, learn to see and capture the light visually and by wireless flash and strobe techniques to assist you in creating light and more importantly shadows in any situation. TriCoast Photography will show you the simple but effective way to have studio lighting anywhere, anytime in ANY lighting situation.

Learn simple – fast – effective methods of capturing images using Canon, Nikon and others eTTL/iTTL wireless flash without all techno-geeky talk. Straight forward technique developed for the fast paced, action world of wedding photography that can also be used in many other situations such as High School Senior Photography, Children and even Family Photography. The technique taught will be a simple solution for almost every lighting situation one might face. Both outdoor and indoor lighting situations will be shown and explained with simple pullback and final product images shown. A NO SECRET approach in teaching, sharing and learning, including the pros and cons and major trouble shooting problems and solutions to both Manual and TTL metering wireless lighting.

Mike and Suzy Fulton are known worldwide for their unique approach to wedding, fashion, and high school senior photography. Selected as Kodak’s Photographers to Watch they have been recognized for their art and their commitment to teaching others worldwide. Their unique style, which has been adopted by photographers around the globe, provides clients with a one-of-akind attitude that is very apparent in their final product.
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