Artistic Photography – Lighting, Composites, and AI Art

Scott Detweiler
Course Number: 11
Level: Intermediate

This class is a week for those looking to open their minds to new areas of photography and build out unique product offerings that set them apart from the competition.

If you are looking for a way to foster your creative mindset, we will spend a week exploring a lot of exciting techniques, from creative lighting to photoshop composites and even photo bashing with AI art!

This is not a class for you if you want a week of sales skills, although we spend some time discussing gallery sales and NFT strategies.  In addition, we will cover shooting efficiency, studio lighting, and how to get many more saleable images from a session.

Note that this class requires intermediate Photoshop skills, and you must be comfortable with Photoshop layers, some basic masking, and have a machine that can handle it.

We will deep dive into topics like AI Art, advanced composition, advanced color theory, photo composites, NFTs, and even how to protect your work through the effective use of copyright laws.

Why you should take this class:

  • Studio lighting and how to capture a lot of sellable images quickly
  • A lot of Photoshop techniques, from skin retouching to composites with AI art
  • Advanced composition as the “rule of thirds” won’t help us much as we advance

Meet the Instructor:

Scott Detweiler
Sussex, WI

I started out as an illustrator drawing houses, jails, prisons, and top-secret airbases for various organizations. As photography started to become more a part of my projects, I eventually added it to my skillset.