Scott Detweiler

Sussex, WI

I started out as an illustrator drawing houses, jails, prisons, and top-secret airbases for various organizations. As photography started to become more a part of my projects, I eventually added it to my skillset.

Why you should take this class:

  • Professional level retouching for portraits. No more soft skin!
  • Confidence in lighting! Not only knowing what modifier to use but being able to get close to your goals from the first shot!
  • Going beyond the rule of thirds and understanding how the human mind views images. This will lead to images that turn heads and increase sales.


Scott Detweiler
Course Number: 13
Level: Intermediate

In this class, we will cover my approach to lighting as well as how to reverse engineer light you see in images you love. Using this info, we will delve into my approach to photography mixing natural and artificial light, working with advanced composition, and finally post-production that stands out from the crowd.