Epic Images That Will Set You Apart

Scott Detweiler
Course Number: 11
Level: Intermediate

I have been invited to offer up my flavor of insanity this year! We have a lot of ground to cover, and it will all start with light.

We will spend our time learning how to think with light and produce images that set us apart from everyone else with a camera. My method of approaching lighting and post-production leaves a lot of room for personalization, and we will cover the entire process, leaving no stones unturned.

Starting out, we will explore light and its creative modification as we learn to think on our feet with some challenging scenarios and fun drills you can do at home. By the time we are done, you will also find you can more easily reverse engineer images shot by others. We will be shooting a lot in the first few days and challenging how we think with light, camera orientation, and lens choice. Then, we will cover how to photograph unique images quickly and increase our production of sellable photos considerably. This mindset will challenge you to work under some initial restrictions to help you finally understand lighting and which modifier to use when facing specific situations. Even those who are comfortable with photographic lighting will find my approach is quite different from most, which allows for quick alteration of the mood of a scene.

We will then turn to Photoshop and perhaps a few other free tools and explore methods to quickly enhance images, leading to more significant sales of fine art prints. We will fix common skin issues like stretch marks, tan lines, and other challenging topics that often confound most photographers. We will then move on to creative manipulation of our images and finish with color toning and consistent style. The goal here is to polish the photos we have taken and push towards more artistic imagery leading to additional products that help set you apart in this world where everyone has a camera. We will be using many techniques to create some pretty crazy and creative images using your photography, which will open many doors!

From there, we will work on more advanced composition, color theory, and how to implement these things in real-world situations, and some actual paint on canvas might get involved. Speaking of the real world, we will also delve into Copyright and how I sue people each year for thousands of dollars for using my photos without permission. This topic haunts a lot of photographers and is more of a revenue opportunity than a justifiable fear.

We will also head the opposite way and talk about the virtual world of the NFT universe and how I have successfully sold thousands of dollars in art since April in what seems like the most bizarre product offering our industry has seen to date. We will cover creation, marketing, and the future of this wild world and also discuss breaking into the book cover market and generating additional revenue in that space.

We may also have a chance to shoot some bodypaint, as I plan to paint at least one model during the week. This session will be optional.
Lastly, we will get messy and show how to improve our work even after it is printed! We will try to manipulate the printed pieces with several different creative methods.

If you have been looking for a way to increase your portrait creativity and increase your sellable image count, this class will be exactly what you are looking for to take your photography to the next level!

Why you should take this class:

  • Clever camera angles and mindset for a much larger variety of images per session
  • Skin retouching Photoshop skills for realistic and quick portraits
  • Creative Photoshop techniques to turn heads and increase fine-art sales
  • Post-post-production where we can alter the printed image to increase sales further
  • Learn about NFTs and how they work, and what possible doors they open for your business
  • Book covers, and how to shoot for them, and how to get them sold
  • Lighting from a creative standpoint and learning to light quickly
  • Copyright, and how to easily sue those that steal your images.

Meet the Instructor:

Scott Detweiler
Sussex, WI

I started out as an illustrator drawing houses, jails, prisons, and top-secret airbases for various organizations. As photography started to become more a part of my projects, I eventually added it to my skillset.