Understanding AI & Leveraging AI for Amazing Portrait Sales


Scott Detweiler
Course Number: 13
Level: Intermediate

For the past year I have been working as the Lead QA for stability, the people that invented text to image technology as well as several large language models.  I am going to teach you things you won’t hear from anyone else!

In this intermediate program we will cover AI and how it can have a huge positive impact on your business.  We will begin by covering how it works, as I have seen so many people who don’t understand it which leads them to poor conclusions.  We will then explore many of the tools available and go in-depth into many of them throughout the course.  This will also include Large Language Models like ChatGPT and how to actually use it at an expert level.

This class will also go quite deep into Photoshop and use of AI for compositing.  This is an intermediate level class, and you will be expected to have a laptop capable of running Photoshop and have a solid grasp of the basics.  In the past we did some photography during the class, but this year I think we will stay focused on the post production and will cover some of those topics by reference.

We will also be covering other areas of retouching and composition as well, as the overall goal of this class is to open the doors to creating much more fine-art and to drastically improve your wall art sales within your portraiture business.

Why you should take this class:

  • AI on a level no one else can teach. From understanding how it works, to advanced manipulation techniques
  • ChatGPT and other Large Language Models and how to leverage them for your businessAlso advanced techniques to get the most from this amazing technology
  • Advanced Photoshop composition techniques, from leveraging skin retouching to combining photography assets with AI for the ultimate client deliverables for their walls.

Meet the Instructor:

Scott Detweiler
Sussex, WI

I started out as an illustrator drawing houses, jails, prisons, and top-secret airbases for various organizations. As photography started to become more a part of my projects, I eventually added it to my skillset.