Teri Whittaker

Houston, TX
[email protected]

Teri primarily used her camera to create people portraits and photograph weddings; however, while undertaking a daily project that lasted 15 months, she found, along the way, that she developed a love for photographing flowers.

During her project, Teri discovered that her photography improved due to the commitment to photographing something daily…..photographing something just for herself.  In fact, once she recognized that her photography was improving, it almost became an obsession.  She explored lighting options and lighting setups that she had previously rarely, or never, used.  Her photographic style was solidified as she experimented with various types of backgrounds and color harmony. Because she got tired of trying to find things that were interesting enough for her to photograph around her house, she latched on to purchasing flowers and having multiple days’ worth of subject matter.

Teri received 3rd place in the 2019 Grand Imaging Awards for the Illustrative/Commercial category for one of her flower images and has been a medalist in the last 4 International Photographic Competitions.

Why you should take this class:

  • Learn to create art from your flower photographs taken outdoors
  • Learn what to consider when photographing flowers indoors, from where to buy them, to what background to use, to posing and lighting them
  • Learn how to take your outdoor and indoor flower photographs into Photoshop and refine & enhance them to create works of art.

Your Journey from Flowers to Fine Art

Teri Whittaker
Course Number: 24
Level: All Levels

If you love flowers AND love photographing them like Teri does, then this class is for you!  During the week, you will have the opportunity to photograph both indoors and at the Dallas Arboretum.

You will be able to create flower images using various lighting situations and backgrounds, and then take those images into Photoshop and learn the post production steps needed to refine and complete your works of art.

In this class, Teri will share:

  • What to consider when photographing flowers outdoors
  • Flower sources
  • Flower prep
  • Lens options (including Lensbaby)
  • Lighting strategies & sources
  • Background options
  • Color choices for the subject matter/background/border
  • Post-productions options for cropping, use of textures, use of LAB color adjustments and creating mats
  • Considerations for post-production of images taken indoors and outdoors
  • The value of a personal project
  • What has and has not worked well for her in image competition
  • ….and more

Come join Teri and create fine art flower portraits that would be lovely on your walls….or anyone else’s.