Thom Rouse
DeKalb, IL
[email protected]

Thom Rouse began his career as a portrait and wedding photographer in 1994. Based near Chicago, he now divides his time between commercial, fine art and commissioned fine art images with his clients as the central subject of his pieces. His conceptual fine art images utilize real
world photographs blended and manipulated to create an alternative to real world perception. Thom also lectures and teaches workshops on topics ranging from Photoshop as an artist’s tool, visual literacy and lighting and posing for figure studies.

Why You Should Take This Class:

* Photoshop techniques for fine art
* How creating art for art sake will benefit your business, marketing and bottom line.
* Creativity is a learned skill available to all of us (not just a few lucky souls )

Fine Art Techniques in Photoshop

Thom Rouse
Course Number: 29
Level: Intermediate

A week of exploring photoshop, art, and inspiration. How to leverage inspiration to create with original style and bolster your everyday work. How to enhance your creativity in practical ways. How to use “concept” to guide your work.

This year we’ll start with a concept to be announced well before the class. We’ll spend one full day shooting with intent to capture the raw images for the concept. The rest of the week we’ll spend in Photoshop manipulating our images to illustrate the concept. Although we’ll all be starting with the same concept our finished images will have very different looks base on individual style and creative approach.

It’s a “no anxiety” week. There will be no demand that you finish the week with a masterpiece; It may become an ongoing project for you. We’ll experiment, take chances, and explore the creative process. We’ll celebrate our failures as much as our success. Being creative means embracing what we learn from mistakes as much as what we achieve from success.

Photoshop is a unique art medium. It allows us to take inspiration from many other media and bring it all together in one place with infinite possibilities for creativity.. The week will include lots of Photoshop instruction in fine art techniques. Only basic skills in Photoshop are required; making layer masks, changing layer blending modes and making simple selections is all that’s required.