Creating a Multimedia Experience for the Class of 2024


Alison Carlino
Course Number: 5
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Class of 2024 expects a multimedia experience with images, audio, video, text, and trending products! Despite all things technology, they still want to feel amazing and feature their passions. No matter how far technology takes us as an industry, human connection is more important now than ever.

We will work in challenging locations (outside, inside, darkness, clouds, bright sun, colorful interiors) where you will learn to read the light and adapt it to the senior’s story. We will cover 1-2-3 lighting setups with various modifiers, gel color, fog, and fire. Learn poses for males and females that span from traditional to motion. Finish the pose with the right expression and use your voice to direct the subject.

If you didn’t drive to Texas School, you’ll be riding with Alison/wranglers/students. A half day will be spent at a local school photographing high school athletes. Another half day of studio style portrait work will happen in the classroom using modern backdrops and studio lighting setups. Beyond that, plan on two more spots outside our classroom. You’ll be creating a Hype Film in Animoto that blends imagery and behind-the-scenes video into a final marketing.

Business portion–Alison will cover social media marketing strategies, Class of 2024 Collections, Showcase Sessions, Volume Sports Packaging, How to Run a Sports Photo Day, and discuss the trending products from Miller’s Professional Imaging that actually sell. See how she uses AI assisted methods for organization, inspiration, and marketing.

Alison also offers private Q&A sessions during the week where you can ask her any industry question or review skills.

This class assumes that you are already shooting on manual settings, that you have a solid understanding of the exposure triangle, and that you are already using off-camera lighting (strobes, modifiers, transceiver). Maybe you’ve tried flash, failed, and put it away. Maybe you’re using it but need to be pushed creatively. Class starts earlier than what’s listed and one night will be late. There is no wasted time during this week! Lots of hands on with models/athletes. Feel free to reach out with [email protected]

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Learn to read, adapt to, and apply 1-2-3 lighting set ups in a variety of challenging locations.
  • Learn to modernly pose females/males and match the expression to the moment.
  • Learn about the collections, trending products, and social media strategies that actually work.

Meet the Instructor:

Alison Carlino
Sugar Land, Texas
[email protected]

Alison Carlino photographs and educates around the world. As a former master degreed elementary teacher, she can relate to students both technically and personally.

In her 20th year of business, she hosts multi and single day workshops on the topics of off-camera lighting, modern posing, team sports, high school seniors, and night sky photography. She is a member of and teaches/judges for WPPI, PPA/Imaging, SWPP London, PPGH, Texas School of Professional Photography, TxPPA, and SYNC Sports. Alison Faith Fine Art Photography showcases Alison’s landscape & night skies photography.

Alison is proudly sponsored by and a member of Miller’s Professional Imaging speaker team.