Landscape Photography:  Achieving Technical Excellence and Crafting Artistically Expressive Images


Doug & Laura Bennett
Course Number: 1
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Bennetts will first share elements of photographic craft and technique essential to landscape photography and to making high quality large landscape prints for high-end sales and for PPA Competition entries.  In sharing these techniques, students will learn the underlying “whys”.  Students will get practice with instructor assistance in applying these techniques in field shoots.

Students will then learn techniques essential to the heart of landscape photography – the goal of communicating emotions and artistic vision in an image.  Great landscape photography is about making images that connect with viewers, making them feel something about the subject.   The Bennetts will delve into “Dynamic Symmetry” sharing knowledge in how to design and compose your images.  This knowledge will be reinforced with practice during instructor assisted outdoor shooting outings.  Additionally, The Bennetts will share techniques for communicating depth in landscape images via “progression of blacks” and the “hierarchy of light”.  The class will also explore and practice capturing the unconscious psychological factors that make for appealing landscape photography.

With the images taken by students, the Bennetts will lead the students through RAW conversion and further post processing to include the use of luminosity masks.

Why you should take this class:

  • You will learn how to take and process images of high technical quality.
  • You’ll learn techniques for making artistic and expressive images, whether landscape or any other photographic imagery.
  • Learn the psychological factors behind appealing landscape images and how to sell your art.

Meet the Instructors:

Doug & Laura Bennett
Colorado Springs, CO
[email protected]

Doug Bennett has been a member of PPA since 2011.  He earned his Master’s Degree in 2015 along with his Craftsman Degree and Imaging Excellence Award in 2016.  He is a four-time Diamond Photographer of the Year, Platinum Photographer of the Year, and a Gold Photographer of the Year.  Lastly, Doug is a two-time Grand Imaging Award Finalist finishing 1st in 2017 and 2nd in 2015 in the Landscape/Nature Category.

Laura Bennett, a PPA member since 2012, earned her Master’s Degree in 2015, Craftsman Degree in 2017, and Imaging Excellence Award in 2018.  She is a three-time Diamond Photographer of the Year, two-time Platinum Photographer of the Year, and Gold Photographer of the Year.  Laura is a four-time Grand Imaging Award Finalist winning 1stPlace in Illustrative Category in 2013 and was the 2023 World Photographic Cup Gold Medal winner in the Landscape category.