Gary Box
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Gary Box, M.Ph, Cr., CPP has had his studio in Sapulpa, OK, near Tulsa for over 30 years. He has worked several business models over the years from higher volume, lower price to mid volume, mid price and now lower volume high price and has a unique perspective on what works. Although he loves creating incredible portraits, he takes the business end very serious! Expect your sales to take a significant jump after this class.

Why You Should Take This Class:

  • Lighting rules and when to break them, including balancing natural light with off camera flash for a natural look.
  • Sound pricing and sales approach that leads to higher sales.
  • Efficiency in your workflow and more consistency in your images.

Seniors INSIDE the Box

Gary Box
Course Number: 2
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Light Better, Retouch Faster, Sell More. That is Gary’s approach! This course is more than just a senior class, much of it applies to any genre. Lighting is lighting, sales is sales!

The course covers three distinct areas, business, photography and post production. For business, we will discuss keys at branding and marketing, as well as pricing and the selling process. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your work is if you can’t turn it to dollars!

In photography, we start with the fundamentals of lighting and posing, but then dive deeper and show how and when to break the rules for work that is both creative and sellable. For workflow, Gary wants to spend as little time as possible. He will dig into making your faster and more efficient.