I have so much to say about this week, but I want to start with this. GROWTH & NETWORKING!

In 2 years myself & my business absolutely grew because of these wonderful people. The photo on the right was at the end of the first class I took with Gregory Daniel and Lesa Daniel 2 years ago. The photo on the left was at the end of my 2nd class today. These two beautiful humans poured into me so much this week AGAIN and I cannot wait to see where I am in the next 2 years.

They genuinely care about the photography industry & photographers and it’s so evident by the way they teach. I grow because they alter my mindset every. Single. Time. They inspire me and they make me think and see things from a different perspective all while being inclusive and kind.

This year I got the pleasure of my first wrangling experience at The Texas School of Professional Photography and it could not have been with better humans. They were patient, encouraging, gracious and loving with myself and Luis Paez Jr. I was asked a million times why I chose to wrangle this year and I didn’t wrangle for any reason except to network and grow in my relationships with fellow photographers. I know that I am called for something within our industry and possibly the PPA organization but while I’m still formulating that move, I recognize that Greg is the kind of speaker/teacher/leader I aspire to be so I naturally was all in this week! We had an amazing class full of amazing artists. And for the week, I was a part of something special. Texas school is a whole immersive week. I drop everything in my life to GROW & NETWORK and I leave every year with zero regrets in doing so! In fact, I’m humbled and in awe of so many connections made, and moments experienced in that one week and I can’t wait to get back to work!

If you’re a photographer and you don’t go to Texas School, my question is why? It is worth every single sacrifice it takes to make it happen. Promise.

Jessica Prigg Murrah